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Building Browsing Buddies To Automate Your Social Media Presence


Recently I sold Auto Page Rank (relaunched as Auto Page Indexer), a simple SaaS wrapper built around Google's Index API, and my top customer acquisition channel was Twitter and Reddit.

I marketed (read slogged) both apps for several hours a day posting, liking, and commenting on other user's posts just to expand the applications' online presence and try to remain in my prospective customer's feed. While this indirect marketing strategy worked (9 customers in a single month for APR alone!) it was exhausting, unsustainable, and full of missed opportunities.

some of the issues with this approach:

  1. I could only cover content that Reddit and Twitter's respective algorithms surfaced to me. This is obviously an issue if the application's target market didn't produce content that goes viral, hint: they don't! Analytics tools and Google Search Indexing aren't going viral on anyone's feed!

  2. Even when I used F5 the pattern matching is limited and I still had to filter, read, and respond to the Reddit posts which was a signicant amount of effort and nowhere near scalable.

  3. My energy and focus are limited. I primarily did this marketing effort in the morning (EST) and if my target audience was online at this time then they simply wouldn't find my message.

  4. Humans are unreliable. Hiring an intern or even an offshore VA to perform such tasks has its limits. If you follow any SaaS applications on Twitter or LinkedIn, you'll quickly notice they have so many missed opportunities to shill their product or to simply let a potential customer know they exist.

The importance of Maintain Social Media Marketing Presence

Every single customer for APR came from Twitter or Reddit! Literally every single one. If the app had gone viral it probably would have hit 3-4k in MRR and been worth low 6-figures! Every single customer except for the app's first customer found the app through the app's social media activity or through a current user's social proof Twitter post. The first customer found the app through direct Twitter DMs.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me the application only hit $140 MRR and I was able to sell it for a small chunk of change ($4500). This sale has essentially enabled me to fund my cloud bill for the entirety of 2024 while I build out my next SaaS application, Browsing Buddies. The idea behind Browsing Buddies is to automate your business/products online marketing presence in a natural way, kind of like how an intern would do it except the intern is online 24/7 and won't complain!

Obviously the idea stems from my own struggles with marketing Atribusi and Auto Page Rank. At the moment the strategy for the application will be to utilize Google's Gemini API, find relevant content on Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn and engage with the content in a natural manner under a business/product account. For example, it will find all "index my web page on Google Search" posts/comments and it will read the post and most of the comments around the post and attempt to engage with it in a natural manner whether that means leaving a knowledgable comment, a simple emoji response, a direct marketing response, or to not engage at all.

How it will hopefully turn out

People don't like being shilled/sold to. If we look at Coca Cola and Pepsi they are constantly running advertisements all over the planet in multiple forms. They use Billboards, Social Media Ads, and even Search Engine Ads, to maintain real estate in our mind! If a product/brand that solves a very specific problem is well known to an individual then the moment a person or organization needs a solution to said problem you'll want your product to be the first one they think of. It can only help!

Checkout the website and follow the entire build in public journey on this blog and on Twitter: