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We're an Ann Arbor based software consultancy solving complex problems with software. We build custom software solutions for our clients, for ourselves, and we even build SaaS solutions that we then market. We're not hardware engineers, we're not mobile app developers, we generally do not tackle applications that are too large in scope. We're passionate software engineers building cloud-based solutions for our clients all across the globe.

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SaaS Sold! How I sold my first SaaS app
I sold Auto Page Rank, my third SaaS app, on Twitter! Here's how I did it.
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Pass the pragmatism please

When it comes to technology, we pursue the meaningful over the trendy. We're well aware of macro-trends in the software space and we remain focused on our micro-niche, cloud-based SaaS applications. Since 2019 we've honed our ability to deliver quality SaaS software solutions, rapidly.

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